CHALK PAINT® decorative paint by Annie Sloan

What if you could paint your kitchen cabinets without stripping off the finish? What if you could paint your old brass light fixture without even priming? Or your garden bench or statuary or even glass, but especially furniture?

We would like to introduce you to CHALK PAINT® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Named because of its feel, although you can use it for chalkboards, Annie developed this paint over 20 years ago so she could paint furniture without a hassle. Recently introduced to the United States, we think CHALK PAINT® is simply the best paint made.

Water clean-up, but not a latex. CHALK PAINT® does not form a film, so it easily sands, even after it is waxed. Very fast drying times allows quick start to finish projects...and best of all no stripping, sanding or priming...JUST PAINT!

Layer colors, add some gold leaf, work aging dust into the corners, do a wash and finish with a coat of wax. Voila...done....or change your mind and paint right over it.

This is sooo much fun.